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Who We Are

Arabian Luxuries; the beginning.

What started as a personal interest and passion for fragrance, soon became something of interest to my friends, colleagues and associates, who were intrigued and dazzled with my choices of fragrance.  From making individual purchases, to making regular group orders.  This eventually led to what has now become Arabian Luxuries.

I have travelled the world extensively, in pursuit of finding the best scents for myself and now for my Arabian Luxuries family.  Through my travels, I haven been able to access and explore scents, most notably Arabian and Oriental scents, different forms of fragrance and source the best products, made from the best ingredients, for my valued customers.  Arabian Luxuries would like their customers to fall in love with Arabian and Oriental scents, as well other new exciting scents and ingredients in the perfume world.

Over the last 12 years, one man’s passion has grown into a 10-man international team of experienced and like-minded individuals, driven and dedicated to finding the very best from around the world and bring you a taste of luxury; when you think of luxury or fine Arabian perfume, we want Arabian Luxuries to be the first thought/brand that comes to mind.

Arabian Luxuries are also proud to be able to bring to you some of the worlds finest Oud, rarest honey and quality concentrated perfume oils, also known as attars and classic fragrances.  We are quite confident you will not be disappointed with our variety of products.

Arabian Luxuries’ ethos is to provide great quality products, while providing exceptional customer service and support, where required.  We are also a wholesaler, which means we are able and happy to assist you in your own journey to having your own fragrance business.

Finally, without your continued support, we wouldn’t be here now.  So we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all our valuable customers, whom we consider to be more like family than customers!!!  Thank you!

Arabian Luxuries Be Exotic.Be Unique.Be Luxurious.

Our Team

Andrei Philips CEO
Arabian Luxuries Secretary