Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, samples for most products are available to buy; please see website for information. To order samples, please use the “contact us” sheet to enquire about available samples.

As we are an online business, we don't actually have a showroom for our customers to come and browse products, however we do have 'visits by appointment' available at our offices for wholesale clients who wish to pick up samples or make wholesale purchases.

For an appointment please choose a time and date which suits you using the links below:



We look forward to seeing you.

Yes, we offer wholesale. Please visit our wholesale department for further information.

We are proud to offer global shipping to almost any country in the world. Unfortunately, due to shipping restrictions, alcohol-based and aerosol products are not available outside Europe. Wherever applicable, this will be stated within product information. Please see shipping for further information.

We use PayPal for our transactions, as this offers both us and our customers protection. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and American Express via PayPal. Please note, it is not necessary to have a PayPal account to make purchases from Arabian Luxuries.

It takes approximately 7 – 14 working days for a refund to be processed. Refunds are made via the original payment.

Delivery times are dependent on the delivery method selected at checkout and your geographical location.

We are open 24hrs a day, so no matter where you are in the world, you can shop with us and be reassured that you can communicate with us at any time and will receive a response.

Simply submit the “forgot password” option and you will be sent a link via email to resent your password

You may contact PayPal, who will arbitrate between us and you, the customer and reach a decision.