Our Mission

Our Mission

Our aim is to open up the world to some of the hidden luxuries only found in The Orient and the Arabian Peninsula.

We are for those individuals who appreciate natural, pure, organic and vegan friendly fragrance, beauty products and remedies.

To this end, we have travelled the world to source the finest ingredients and products for you:

  • The finest argan oil from Morocco
  • Saffron, famed across the world for its quality and potency from Persia
  • Raw, natural and pure honey from the valleys of Yemen to the mountains of Ethiopia
  • Black seed oil from Pakistan and Ethiopia
  • The finest oud and agarwood from Cambodia, India, Malaysia and Thailand
  • Musk from Egypt
  • Delectable dates from Saudi Arabia
  • Red Rose from Bulgaria
  • Amber, Frankincense and sandalwood from every part of the Middle East
  • Highly concentrated perfume oils from Dubai
  • Bakhoor and home fragrance from the Emirates
  • Facial care, cosmetics and beauty products from all over the Khaleej (Gulf States)
  • Halal sweets from Turkey


We are dedicated to bringing you traditional and ancient ingredients and products, in a luxurious offering of modern design and contemporary, signature packaging.  We would like your shopping experience with us to be luxurious from start to finish, therefore, we take every effort to ensure you have the best experience with us and enjoy the experience of Arabian Luxuries, that we aim to bring to you.